3 Tips To Get Free Leads On Facebook Without Losing Your Shirt In The Try.

Hello folks, today I share with you 3 simple tips to get free leads from your Facebook profile.

Just run the following steps:

Replace your Facebook cover

Replace the cover of your Facebook profile with an attractive image and a visible CTA.

Then to the cover photo, you add a call-to-action description and the link to your lead capture page.

first step to get free leads on Facebook
first step (2) to get free leads on Facebook

Ready, you have the first step completed.

Summary description of what you do

In your Facebook profile bio, briefly describe your main goal and what you do. Add the link to your sales or subscription funnel.

second step to get free leads on Facebook

Featured Image

You will have to do the same as on the cover.

If you have featured images, delete them upload one similar to the one designed for your Facebook featured image size cover.

In conclusion, you could have a steady stream of free powerhouse clients if you follow the steps outlined above. The next thing you should do is generate traffic to your Facebook profile.

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Nelson Medina, Affiliate Marketing for Newbies
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